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LORD, who may abide in your tent?​
Who may dwell on your holy mountain?​

Whoever walks without blame,​
doing what is right,​
speaking truth from the heart;​

Who does not slander with his tongue,
does no harm to a friend,
never defames a neighbor;​

Who disdains the wicked,​
but honors those who fear the LORD;​

Who keeps an oath despite the cost,​
lends no money at interest,​
accepts no bribe against the innocent.​

Whoever acts like this​
shall never be shaken. ​

(Psalm 15)

     This program features the writings of the Doctors of the Church, read and commented on by a bishop or priest. The Doctors of the Church are 36 saints, including both men and women, who have been declared by the Pope to be trustworthy teachers of the faith. The original declaration of the four western Doctors (Saint Ambrose, Saint Augustine, Saint Jerome, Pope Saint Gregory the Great), followed by the declaration of four eastern Doctors (Saint Athanasius, Saint Basil, Saint Gregory Nazianzen, Saint John Chrysostom) point to the heart of the Fathers of the Church. Subsequently, Doctors were named who were not Fathers of the Church, but who fulfill three conditions: eminens doctrina, insignis vitae sanctitas, Ecclesiae declaratio (eminent doctrine, a life of remarkable holiness, and a declaration of the Church). We bring you the eminent doctrine of these Doctors through the reading of their teaching, as well as insights about their life of remarkable holiness through the comments given by the bishop or priest who is leading each episode.

(Speaking Truth from the Heart is a Registered Trademark of Saint Joseph Missions)

Speaking Truth from the Heart

Broadcasts on Monday-Saturday: 1:02pm

(Eastern Standard Time)

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