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We humbly ask for your support in our mission of serving Pope Francis, our bishops and our priests -- most importantly, let us pray for them.  However, there is also the need of raising the funds necessary to both continue and expand the mission work of We Are One Body®.  Your donations will be used in one of the following ways:  





















Please pray for the Pope, our bishops and priests, the staff at We Are One Body® and, just as importantly, for those whom our Lord wishes to touch through His Church and the services of We Are One Body®.

If you would like to make a financial donation in support of We Are One Body®, please use one of the means listed below:


-  For the remodeling of its new main studio, located in downtown Latrobe,    Pennsylvania.  We have outgrown our current location, and this new facility will offer many benefits, and room for future growth.  We also hope to, in the future, open the main floor of the new building to the public.

-  For the on-going operations of We Are One Body® Radio Network.

-  To produce advertising materials and advertising content that will assist others to easily promote the programming of We Are One Body® Radio. 

-  For the on-going preparation necessary to make its programming available to additional affiliate stations.

-  For the continued improvement of content available on its website.

-  For the effort necessary to podcast and to offer the We Are One Body® programming via other digital mediums, free of charge.

-  For offering copies of magisterial texts to all who ask, free of charge.  

-  For advertising and offering its programming via the many other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

-  For offering recording equipment and editing services to bishops, so that they are able record and post their homilies, teachings and addresses.  Many of these would also be broadcast on WAOB. 

-  For facilitating additional bishops and priests being involved in the production of WAOB's programming.

-  For offering the broadcast of the Holy Mass from many different Cathedrals and Shrines from around the world.

-  For offering the broadcast of the Liturgy of the Hours from many different religious orders, parishes, and laity from around the world.

-  For the hiring of someone to oversee a coordinated advertising campaign to let others know about WAOB. The hope is for this individual to coordinate the many volunteers who have already offered of their time to help in this area.

Check or money order​


​Please make payable to:

Saint Joseph Missions or

We Are One Body®


Please send check or money order to:

Saint Joseph Missions dba

We Are One Body®

Attn:  Donation

1100 Ligonier St, Suite 305
Latrobe, PA  15650

Online Donations

This option is expected

                       to be available soon.

Saint Joseph Missions was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on October 7th, 2007, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  Saint Joseph Missions has been granted non-profit status as a 501c(3) entity.   It's Tax ID is 26-0821506.  Also, Saint Joseph Missions is registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to do business under the fictitious name We Are One Body®, and is able to receive donations under either name.

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