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About Us

“It is like WAOB puts a microphone 
up to the Catholic Church.” 

-a priest who listens regularly

        On the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19, 2010, We Are One Body Radio (WAOB) began regular broadcasting. From our headquarters in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, we produce catechetical and contemplative programming. 

       Many who initially thought that "a monastic life on radio" would not work have come to appreciate its value, especially in these times. Whether you tune in and hear sacred music, the Liturgy of the Hours, a Scriptural Rosary, a Papal Mass, or the writing of a saint, our hope is that these treasures of the Church draw you closer to God our Father and help you to come to a deeper understanding of the connection between the faith and daily life.

       The programming is intended to present the life of the Church in a way that makes the Mystical Body of Christ more apparent: the Pope and bishops united with their priests, in their role as head, working together with the laity in their role as members. 










Thank you for all you do! What a blessing to be able to turn on the radio or computer and hear the edifying faith messages and calming prayers. In a year that has been very different- WAOB has been a constant..” 

-Raissa Federline, a faithful listener

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