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        In this program, the shepherds of the Church, the bishops, provide reflections to give spiritual encouragement to their flocks. The content of the reflection is summarized in the psalm verse 85:10 -- mercy, truth, justice, and peace, all coming together in a kiss. The bishops' daily reflections are intended to communicate Christ's mercy and truth, justice and peace to the hearts of the listeners. This communication consists not just in information (although some teaching may be a necessary part of encouragement), but hopefully also facilitates transformation, through the communication of grace.

(A Kiss of Peace is a Registered Trademark of Saint Joseph Missions)

Broadcasts on Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri: 7:40am, 8:40am, 6:40pm;

Sat: 7:40am, 10:40am, 7:05pm

(Eastern Standard Time)

A Kiss of Peace

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